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Frequent Buyers

So many books, so little time . . . goes the adage. And sometimes it’s hard to choose just one. If you buy lots of books, then the Frequent Buyer Program may be for you. When you buy 20 books at ACP, you’ll receive a credit towards your next book purchase.


Here’s how it works: your credit is an average total of the books you’ve bought. The amount of your credit often figures into a FREE book.


Does the thought of carrying yet another punch card cause you to groan? No worries! ACP’s database keeps track of the books you buy and electronically tallies your credit. No more expiration dates! No more hassles! On your next visit, let us know if you’d like to sign up and we’d be happy to get you going.

Partnering with Teachers!

Building a solid library for your students or developing your own curriculum resource library can be costly.


To help you address this expense, A Children's Place offers a 20% discount to teachers, librarians, and media specialists for books to be used within the classroom setting. Please contact the store for more details.

Community Programs

Community Transitional School

CTS is a private school dedicated entirely to the needs of children whose families are homeless, in transition and experiencing chronic poverty-related crises, providing them with a stable, supportive environment that promotes both their personal and academic growth.

In addition to donating books to CTS, we have a “Giving Tree” program during the holiday season. A Children's Place Bookstore staff adorns a Christmas tree with ornaments listing individual students’ names and ages accompanied by a wish list book entry. Customers interested in purchasing a book for a CTS student are invited to select an ornament. We offer a 10% discount on the purchase of this holiday book.

Before Christmas arrives A Children's Place wraps and delivers all the gift books. We’re happy to share that we have been able to provide each child at CTS with a holiday gift book for the last two holiday seasons.

Scrip Program

A Children's Place Bookstore wants to help schools be the best they can be! In our effort to support students and encourage literacy, we offer a co-promotion scrip program. What is scrip you may ask? Scrip is a year-round fundraising program established between individual schools and sponsoring private sector businesses. Scrip is used to supplement a school’s budget. With educational discretionary funds shrinking at an alarming rate, scrip is an effective and proactive measure toward assisting schools. If your school has a scrip program, ACP would be delighted to partner with you. Please contact the store for further details.

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